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Summer Camp Preview

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Check out the site and consider signing up for our summer program. We will select 20 students from the camps to be members of our Robodog teams.

Mandatory Robodog Information Meeting Sign Up Sheet(this is now closed as meeting already happened)

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For additional information please contact
Dan Drexler
Aaron Maurer
Aaron Maurer


Who Are We?

We are the Bettendorf Robo-Dogs. We represent the Bettendorf School District. Our teams consists of students in grades 5-8 from the six elementary buildings and the middle school. Each summer there is a two week summer camp where the team is selected. Each year a new group of students is formed to tackle the latest FLL project.

Is there really a need to ask this question? Legos are awesome. Robotics will take over the earth. Solving problems keeps us on our toes. Combine all these factors and you have an awesome team of students do really exciting and fantastic things that will prepare them for a promising future.

Looking for some dedicated students to be part of an elite team representing the Bettendorf School District. Students will program robots, learn and implement a research project, work as a unified team to compete in a regional, state and possibly national competition. Students from 5th thru 8th grade ages(your grade for next year) are eligible. Looking for students that are self motivators and possibly pursuing an engineering or science career.

The team is an extra curricular event that will take place after school. Exact times are still being negotiated, but will be either after school or in the evenings approximately two days a week.

The teams work to solve the latest FLL project and mission board. Each September a new board and problem is released.

The teams meet at BMS where we can find space.