Script for Gold Team

The Magician of Wozz

Narrator: Today we will be reading a book called the Magician of Wozz. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Morothy, who lived in Kansas. She was in school being taught by her grandmother, when she spotted a tornado through the window.

Morothy: Grannie Gem! I see something in the distance.

Grannie Gem: That’s a twister! It looks like an F5 tornado to me, one that has winds ranging from 261 to 318 miles an hour and causes severe property and vegetation damage.

Morothy: That can’t damage the school because there are more than 1000 students here. Their parents entrusted the facility with their childrens’ safety. Perhaps, we can hide in the hall.

Hoho: Bark, Bark! The hallway holds so many hazards, it is impossible to list them all. Broken windows and unsafe architecture can cause nothing but danger for us.

Morothy: No! If only the hallway was safer.

(Morothy gets hit by debris and falls into sleep)

Morothy: Where am I?

Munchkin: Welcome to Wozz! The Wicked Tornado of the Midwest went on a storm spree south of here. It was like what happened in Moore, Oklahoma a few months ago.

(Glinda appears)

Glinda: I overheard your conversation about the tornado in Oklahoma that hit just this year in late May.

Munchkin: Yes, twenty children died from it. Many were injured too. That tornado was just an F4 one. What do you think an F5 one would have done.

Morothy shivers: I got transported here from Kansas in the middle of an F5 tornado!

Glinda: You can help yourself and all of Wozz just by following that brick road to the Magician of Wozz. I heard he has a hallway of safety.

Narrator: Morothy traveled on her adventure and encountered three friends.

Scarecrow: Only 695 schools out of 1804 in Oklahoma have tornado shelters. I was in one of the lucky schools that contained one. It wasn’t very effective because of the unstable material, and left some students injured.

Tin Man: My school had a shelter, too, but it wasn’t big enough to fit everyone. Out of the eleven hundred kids in the school, my shelter could barely fit a thousand. Moreover, eleven hundred.

Lion: The shelter at my school had the strongest of all industrial materials, but quickly gave in to the tornado because of the weak architecture.

Narrator: The four of them continued on the road until they reached the Magician.

City Keeper: Why must you be here.

Scarecrow: We are here to seek a safe house for schools in tornadoes.

CityKeeper: You may pass, but hurry. There was a siren indicating another cold welcome of the tornado.

Magician: So you need an easy to install school shelter?

TinMan: Exactly.

Magician: I have the perfect solution for you. It's called the Safe Hall.

Scarecrow: Does it have a strong material?

TinMan: How about enough space for every student?

Lion: And a strong shape. It needs a strong shape.

Magician: The Safe Hall is composed of ICF, also known as insulated concrete form, that keeps the shelter from ripping apart or from the ground and is fire resistant. The shelter will have exact measurements for student occupation space and a semicircular roof, to lead the tornado right over it.

Lion: Great that should keep us safe from the flying debris that kills most people and it will keep us from being sucked into the tornado.

Morothy: oh look its the tornado!

Tornado: Hee Hee Hee. The Magician will finally give me his dear Emerald City.

Morothy: Oh no, you're not. With the Safe Hall, you won't be able to do that.

Tornado: No! The safe components will keep me from ever storming again!

Glinda: Like I promised you I'm going to transport you back to your little Kansas. Clap your heels three times and say, "there is no place like home." Actually I'll just transport you back. Toodles!


Morothy: Grannie Gem! Grannie Gem! I have the perfect safe house for our school. It's called the Safe Hall.

GrannieGem: Oh, Morothy. You're our savior!

Narrator: That was the touching story of how Morothy saved her school.