Our Product

"The Tongue Lift!" Our team won first place project award at our Davenport, Iowa regional. We also won first place in the state of Iowa.

The Problem
FLL, shoe problem, tongue in way.JPGFLL, Senior Partner, G. Jeanette (2).jpgi

Our senior partner had a hip replacement recently.She was unable to slip her foot into her shoe without the tongue getting in the way. Her occupational therapist suggested a shoe horn and elastic shoelaces, but these did not prevent the tongue from getting in the way.

St. Ambrose University, Occupational Therapy Department, Davenport, Iowa

Our Robotic's team met with Professor Kilburg and Professor Turnquist. They teach their college students to use a shoe horn and a grabber for the tongue to put on shoes. The professors acknowledge that performing both of these activities at the same time is difficult for many seniors.

OUR SOLUTION- "The Tongue Lift"

"The Tongue Lift" uses clips that act as adjustable locks to keep the tongue elevated. Elastic shoelaces keep the shoe snug and toggles can adjust the tightness. Our idea would be to sell one simple product where the adjustable lock and toggle are combined. The beauty of our product is that it is attached to the shoe and there would be no need to carry around a bulky shoe horn and grabber. The company, Gold Violin, is interested in purchasing our product if it was manufactured today.

shoe presentation 002.JPG
Always remember to. . ."Give Your Tongue A Lift"

Our Team Brochure

The video below is a video we submitted to Gold Violin about endorsing and possibly buying our product we created.