Here is an image of our robot. It has undergone many changes. We are amidst a great overhaul trying to get our robot to score 200 points. We have hit many hurdles and obstacles along the way. With time working against us, we are hopeful to score 200 points. Our best robot run in competition is 187. Our robot is currently capapble of 201 points with 200 in our sights.

April 24th, 2012 - We are still crunching away on our robot. Our goal is to create a robot capable of 200 points. We have achieved that possibility and now just need to deliver. Here are two videos of our robot in action. One of these runs scores 183 points. We ran 187 the time before. We have further modified a few parts to the robot to hopefully give us a better chance at 200.

This is our latest change to one of our missions as we prep for Florida

After we decided on a robot we just had to begin to see what ideas would really work and begin the programming and problem solving phase. This is the toughest phase to the robot.


We then stripped down all robots and built the same model of the same robot so everyone could contribute. Each team member worked with partner and began to program and try to solve different missions on the board. Not everyone is strong in the robot, but we still require every team member to contribute. We believe in the team concept so everyone contributes to everything on the robot, the research, and all the minor details that add up quickly.


Lego mission brainstorm
Lego brainstorm
After assembling the board we began to construct many different models of robots that we thought would work. Each team member built a robot and had a chance to showcase their work. From there we collectively discussed the ideas we liked and did not like and decided upon the ideas we liked to build our robot. Everything was discussed and decided as a team.

Robot designs
Robot designs
Robot designs
Robot designs
Robot Designs

Way back in September of 2011 we received our new challenge board for Food Factor. We began organizing the pieces so we could construct the board.
9.16.11: Time to get organized
9.15.11: Organizing parts to construct the missions
9.16.11: The organization of parts looking good