We focused on the journey of milk. Along the way we identified a problem.

For the 2011 - 2012 the theme was Food Factor. After researching the journey of a food item, we decided to focus on milk and how to prevent harmful bacteria and other unsanitary items from entering the milking process.
Cow for Lego robotics

We originally started with the idea of plastics. After spending a large portion of our time researching plastic we discovered that our idea was too far stretched to fit the guidelines for the Food Factor competition. We had to switch gears and through the exploration of plastic we moved towards the milking process and the tubing. From the tubing we moved towards the cow and along our own journey we ended up with our latest, greatest idea.

Lego research plan

On Sunday, April 15th, we visited a dairy farm who provided us with hands on experience about the milking process. We were able to test our product and receive valuable feedback about making our product useful and appealing to small operation farms. We are hard at work making the necessary changes and modifications to making our product an excellent product for farmers.


Here are a few photos from our visit. Video and more pictures are on their way including the feedback from the farmer.

Here is our favorite clip: The farmer is actually putting our product to use. It was awesome to actually see our ideas and designs come to life and actually be used in the real world.

I think we passed the inspection


Here is our brochure that we created to give out to people interested.