This page is dedicated to everything the team has been working as part of our researc project. Our solution is to create awareness on the effects of sugar and caffeine. The team has worked very hard to create and deliver a variety of methods to get our message across. Below are the many different platforms we have created and done to bring the awareness to the forefront.

One big part of our media aspect of our campaign is getting our message out to the masses. We were lucky enough to have a news channel agree to give us some time to broadcast our message.




Here is a copy of the PowerPoint that was created to be shared in all homerooms in our schools.

Here is the latest press release posted on our school news network. This was broadcast to every staff member in our district.

Bett Robotics Team to Present at State Competition

The Bettendorf robotics team will be competing in the FLL Lego Robotics State Competition at Iowa State University on January 15th. The Bettendorf team is made up of nine 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders from throughout the school district. The team won first place with their research presentation about the ingredients and effects of beverages consumed by the public in the Eastern Iowa and Illinois Regional Robotics Qualifier Competition December 11, 2010.

"I’m thrilled with our students’ success in earning the chance to compete at the state level," said Dan Drexler, program coordinator/Bettendorf high school industrial technology teacher. "Our robotics students are passionate and determined about their programming and project presentation. They’ve worked very hard to earn this spot and we are excited about taking our project to the state competition. This is real world and gives students a chance to highlight their hard work. They have been meeting since early September with multiple hours of work put in each week."

The robotics competition consists of robotic programming and strategic problem solving, teamwork and demonstration of the process, technical presentation and communication about their design, and a research presentation. The Bettendorf robotics team will be competing against seven other regional qualifiers throughout the state in all four categories at the state competition.

Katherine Braught, a 7th grade student at Bettendorf Middle School, has been one of the lead people on the research presentation. The team has been on a mission to make the public aware of the ingredients and effects of popular beverages consumed by the public. In the competition, they will have five minutes to get their point across. Everyone is a winner in this program.

Bettendorf robotics team students earned a place on the team after attending a summer camp program. Fifty students attended the summer camp to learn about robotics and fight for a spot on this year’s team.

We were also featured in our local paper in the Sunday Dispatch and QC Times league

We also shared our research and what the team has been working on to the school board to try and bring awareness to the school officials. Here are a few clips from that night and out presentation.

Here is a photo of our display case at our middle school. This is right up front so anyone who enters our building sees this case as well as every student since it sits right outside of our cafeteria. It has generated a lot of interest. Everything created and assembled by the team.


Here is a picture of a poster that we want to hang at our school.


Here is a video of our announcement that one of our team members shared with every person in our school during homeroom.

This is a copy of our brochure created by one of the team members.

BMS Lego Robotics
BMS Lego Robotics

We also have created a Diigo group -

This is a private group that anyone can apply to join, but it is a place where we can share articles, websites, facts, etc. with everyone in the group. This has allowed us to collaborate online when we don't always have time to meet in person. Additionally, this is a great tool for us to interactive and share what we are learning with everyone in the group.

BMS Lego Robotics
Information and Research on our FLL Robotic Team Challenge